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Naimish Builders Pvt. Ltd., a company  since last 10 years set up by Mr. Shashi Shekhar Singh and Team. Serving with dedicated engineering professionals and completed large & medium category of projects in its short tenure, in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and many other states.

We Love Great Building And Awesome Interior.

Naimish Builders Pvt. Ltd. serves both public and private sector clients and is comprised of many well-coordinated, highly professional teams located across the country.
We are best property builder known for infrastructure projects including residential apartments, flats, plots, villas and commercial office spaces. Unusual among large contractors, Naimish Builders Pvt. Ltd. is equally effective at building both large and small jobs through its two operating divisions, from small site developments to massive projects.


Some of our Core Values!

In the very best sense of this tradition, we aspire to be “Master Builders“. As such, we also spend considerable time and energy building the foundation for Naimish Builders Pvt. Ltd that will be prospering 100 years in the future.

Our Code of Conduct speaks to the best of who we are and is integral to our continuing efforts to build the character of our workforce and our Company. In addition, we take pride in building quality projects and value for our customers, as well as rewarding careers for our employees.

We have built strong partnerships with a host of suppliers, subcontractors, banks, insurance companies, surety companies and as a result of our nationally recognized “Partnering” program with customers as well. 

We are What we Make with Brick and Sand : Beauty with Strength

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Naimish Builders Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned real estate and construction company that has been serving its clients for more than a decade.

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